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IMA Teaching

Current Semester
  • Internet Measurements (TU Berlin, Spring/Summer 2020)
  • Internet Measurements Seminar (TU Berlin, Spring/Summer 2020)
Previous Semesters
  • Internet Routing Seminar (TU Berlin; Fall/Winter 2019)
  • Internet Measurements (TU Berlin; Spring/Summer 2019)
  • Internet Measurements (TU Berlin; Spring/Summer 2018)
  • Network Algorithms (TU Berlin; Fall/Winter 2017)
  • Internet Routing Seminar (TU Berlin; Fall/Winter 2017)
    Description of Courses

    Internet Measurements

    As our social, economic, and civil activity is moving online, we heavily rely on the Internet. However, despite the critical role of the Internet, our ability to answer simple questions regarding the state, resilience, and performance of the Internet is rather limited. For example, it is challenging to estimate how many devices are connected online, how networks interconnect and exchange traffic, how secure are our communication over the Internet, how private are our website visits, and how good is the performance of services and applications that run on top of the Internet. In this course, we will discuss principles and empirical (data-driven) methods to measure the Internet towards answering all the above questions.

    Topics of the course include:

    • Inference of the Internet topologies (logical, router, physical) with active and passive measurements
    • Measurement of Internet infrastructures: Internet Service Providers, Internet Exchange Points, and Content Delivery Networks
    • Network flow and traffic measurements
    • Traffic modeling and characterization
    • Network performance measurement
    • Web measurement
    • IP geo-location
    • Special topics on measuring Internet security and privacy

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